What is the Future of Internet of Things (IoT)?

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The future of IoT is very interesting and it will be full of new discoveries and inventions, experts make many predictions about the future of internet of things and here we discuss some of these.

Number of devices connected to the internet in 2020:

According to the expert’s predictions, it is estimated that there shall be almost 25 billion devices that are connected to the internet in 2020. According to the research, there were almost 5 million devices that are connected to the internet in 2015, and in 2016 this figure increase to 3.8 billion that means the figure went in billions from millions in a single year. What a revolution it is??

More people and cities will become sharp and smart:

There are many not only the individuals who use internet of things devices but there are many other companies that are using IoT, to become more efficient and in every manner to save money and time. We all are adopting new and smart technologies in our daily lives, like washing machines or robotic vacuum for cleaning purposes to make their life more comfortable and easy.

Secure Router devices:

These devices are inside the home, and the security systems are not installed in these devices, so there is a chance of the cyber-attacks. The IoT craze is increased in the market, and manufacturers tried to launch their products in the market, and for this reason sometimes are security concerns are neglected.

The routers are mostly the entry point of internet in any house and it has the ability to provide security and avoid such types of attacks. Normal routers just provide the firewalls or password protection and the ability to configure on specified devices in our network. But still the router doesn’t come with the security software and malware may attacks.

To avoid these issues Norton core router is uses, it is the first high performance and secure router that prevent the attacks and creates the secure environment for connected homes or devices. These routers are available at some places at pre-order.

AI will really become a thing:

Our house hold devices like coffee makers, thermostats etc. all collect the data from our habits or the way in which we use it. The voice controller devices store data in the cloud after each recording, and the purpose behind this is to facilitate the customer, and that concept is called machine learning. ML is the technique in which the machine learn from behaviors and make decisions instead of algorithms or learning codes. These machines are designed in such a way that they learn the receive data, and this data collection help machine to learn about the preferences and then adjust it.

IoT in Health care:

IoT applications will be implemented to the various health care to diagnose different diseases and ailments, so on time treatments can be offered to the patients. Remote and real time patient monitoring means less visits to the hospitals and doctors. It advantage is that it help can help to detect the diseases in the early stages so the treatment will be provided on time. The reports are more accurate and can be trusted easily by patients.

IoT in Business Applications:

Internet of things is getting very popular in the many business area. It helps to gain many profits by using technologies, like better health, services delivery and better work force are 3 main benefits from the deployment of solutions of IoT. It also uses the new and updated technologies to provide the business in the industrial areas by increasing revenues and lower the expenses. IoT provides the efficient use of energy like data insights, because the smart machines are more accurate and consistent to communicate data. If this technology is implemented correctly, it provides the exact knowledge of products to the manufacturers, thus leading towards efficiency and quality control.

Home Automation:

IoT offers the large range of innovative technologies that includes the monitoring and control of the homes and buildings. It helps us in many ways like it increase the security and reduces the energy and maintenance costs. You control temperature and light etc. by using internet of things.

So what does the Internet of things hold? We will continue growth, we are still in the early stages but we will see the societies and business go forward just by connecting things. This leads to the quality of life and sensor technology will play the major role in all this. The Bernard Marr said that IoT devices aren’t so much about the smart devices (tablets, phones, desktop computers) but the sensors. Sensors can be attached to anything to sense, record and send data back to the cloud. This will allow business to improve by collecting specific feedbacks.

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