IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

IT Infastructure

Improve the way of data management, protection and storage with the unlimited access to the several IBM SDS products and IBM Cloud object storage. IBM spectrum storage suite offers licensing on a flat, cost per TB basis, making pricing predictable as your capacity grows. You can save 40% with separately licensing the product. Non-production use of software in included in test environments. IBM Spectrum storage makes the SDS deployment easier and reduce cost, by this easy to use interface.

By our self-service portal and restful API’s you can manage, store and access data. Connect applications directly to object storage and integrate IBM cloud services.

Cloud virtual services allows you to deploy and scale the cloud infrastructure on demand. It offers scalability and cost effectiveness, and it is available on public and private nodes. It might be purchased on hourly on monthly basis. You can customize your options by picking the private or public configuration that suits you best, or core count¸ RAM and storage as well. Use a true environment by seamlessly integrating virtual servers and other cloud services with private network, API and management system.

Mobile foundation allows you to build apps in simple, safe and mobile friendly environment that is easy to integrate with popular development tools. Go from your ideas to reality with a mobile infrastructure, powerful app management and insights into app usage. Create the potential for expanded user engagement by adding intelligence in your mobile experience.