Powerful B2B Commerce with a Familiar Feel
Many attention is given on offering the experience and usability with consumer website to business. Why not we offer the same experience to your business customers as well? With IT Solution you can do this. Whether you are selling to big retailers or small, or distributors we offer the complete solution to manage and collect the data from all possible channels. Meanwhile, our system also allows you to setup the unlimited customers. You are eligible to add product prices, shipping prices, determine category, control payments and much more. With our system, customers are able to place orders on mobile devices, but your outside sales reps can also use sales app on mobile. With the help of EDI engage, you can take orders as well. If your customers are ordering on go, our B2B system uses the same sophisticated rule. You can also generate and activate the quotes. Moreover, accept multiple orders with shipping address, single click reordering and express ordering and offer your customers expected product delivery dates.

Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

Get ready to extend your ecommerce experience and build the closer customer relationships. Check out our EDI engage, that is iPad based, and mobile point of sale and they allow you to take orders, update and view customer data and you can also view the customer purchase history, in a real time on your iPad. Our EDI engage is even very compatible to square payment processing, and we are delivering intuitive experience to employees and customers as well. The plus point is that it is easy to use and require minimum trainings. You can manage all the products, orders and customers data across channels in the one convenient system that is order management system. The key feature is EDI Engage, mobile point of sales solution, displaying order history and offering customer based special pricing. It can also support key peripherals like cash register drawers, credit card readers, barcode scanners and receipt printers. Find products by name, SKU, UPC, ISBN, MPN or brand. Create on-the-fly discounts.

Amazon Seller Integration

Selling on the, the largest marketplace in the world can give your products increased exposure, help to boost sales and grab the new customers. All you need is to manage the amazon orders efficiently, while keeping inventory in sync without doing anything manual. Our EDI ecommerce platform integrates seamlessly with amazon market, so you can maximize the growth potential. With our solutions you can easily track your inventory and manage all orders in one place. Likewise, when you update the product, order or inventory, it automatically updates the amazon seller central account as well.

Shopify Integration

Our EDI Solution Connect for Shopify
If you are selling online, growing you customers should be your top priority. To keep customers engage and coming back and get them to recommend you, it is important to ship order on time. You must need to automatically and quickly exchange online order data with your business system. With our EDI connect for shopify, rekey data between your business system and the storefront of your storefront. Now you can automatically push orders and customer’s data directly to your ERP and accounting system, track details and order statuses back to shopify. Connect Shopify to our EDI solution Pack & Ship. Sync product information and pricing with your Shopify store. By increasing automation and reducing shipping time and labor cost in this way, your company can immediately improve profitability, enhance customer service and scale up your online business without adding staff. All for an affordable and predictable monthly cost! For our EDI Connect for Shopify can be up-and-running in just a few days, accelerating time-to-value by leveraging web-based integrations you’re already using. We also offer affordable, web-based pack-and-ship automation with custom ASNs, GS1 labels, branded packing slips, dynamic rate shopping and much more.

Phone and Offline Order Capture

Our EDI e-commerce platform lets you to go beyond by just capturing online orders. You can use our system to capture the phone orders as well. It is easy to create the internal order while you are connected on the phone with your customer. You can be directed to the internal only version of your online store. Just navigate through the online catalog or do a quick search to find the products the customer want to purchase. You can notify your customer about the promotions or deals and offers. When the order is complete, just click on the checkout and add the information of new or existing customer. Once the order is submitted, the customer receives the email notification of content of the order and other additional information.

Ecommerce Integration with Accounting or ERP System

To keep pace and grow your business, you must have an ability to automate and accelerate order processing across all channels. Costly error processing erode your profit margins. Implementing the direct integration of your store and backend business system is a critical element for faster communications, streamlining order fulfilment, and achieving higher customer satisfactions. Our EDI solution eStore integration increases order fulfillment by automating data exchange between our system and leading business systems, such as intuit, Microsoft, sage and many more. It can also update customers with the shipping information, inventory and product description as well. The cloud based integration can even send orders from amazon seller central directly to your business system, and making it easier for you to sell on amazon successfully.