Commerce Platform

Commerce Platform

EDI for Suppliers

IT solution is the best platform for suppliers as it help vendors to achieve their goals by implementing EDI.

IT solution is providing a service that can help to reduce the cost of hardware and software of company. Our EDI is the web based service (internet required). The purpose of this service is to create a business document, which is transformed after converting raw data (invoice, purchase order). The protocols which are used for transparency and secrecy of data are ASC X12, UN/EDIFACT and XML syntax as well as FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, AS1, AS2. No matter how many customer you get all the data is automatically updated at lightning fast speed and securely without any charge. Our EDI integration allows user to connect our system with any type of their software whether it is ERP or any type of accounting software.

Supplier Enablement

Strengthen the relationship between you and your business and improves the payment method as well.
We have modern cloud based commerce network that enables the organization to integrate with the supplier community regardless their level of technical abilities. Only a single connection to our network provides the on-time access to the thousands of rapid expansion (as the supplier community evolves) and supplier organizations. We make it easy to ensure your suppliers complaints and help organizations to achieve high adoption rates. It makes you able to delivers unmatched levels of collaboration and integration with the supplier community. Today market needs adaptions in the supply chain including demand patterns across channels, delivery expectations and having necessary visibility to drive decisions across the value chain to compete effectively. Implementing these adaptions results in the increased sales, returning customers and preservation of brand promise.
Save Time and Money
We promise to save your time and money by automating the exchange of electronic documents between the organization and supplier by our supplier enablement services. Once it is IMPLEMENTED, the solution will run in flow in the background, by sending and receiving documents and translating the data to ensure seamless flow into back office systems. You have visibility to all transactions that are exchanged and the options to create the reports. Our solution is fully secure and can scale to any volume of transactions, it supports all types of standard format and protocols in order to exchange the documents digitally.

Our Trading Partner Platform

We provide the invoicing solution that can help to frees you from having to scan or key-in information of hard/paper invoices. Electronic invoicing can help to improve accuracy, reduce work time and increase processing speed. It is a fully managed cloud based service that helps businesses of any size and their suppliers as well. Invoices that are received from suppliers are formatted of seamless integration to the AP system. It results in the high adoption rate with suppliers regardless their technical resources.
E-Invoicing Software Processes Invoices Quickly and Efficiently
Businesses have traditionally more focused on streamlining and simplifying the ware house management and delivery. All this is done by exchanging business documents digitally. Electronic invoicing applications takes their processes to the next stage. Organizations can streamline their accounts payable processes, reducing the cost, complexity and workload involved as well.
How E-Invoicing Works
E-invoicing enables your suppliers to send electronic invoices. This approach allows you to increase the suppliers in your program and send paperless invoices as well. The benefits are more increased if your all suppliers send you electronically invoices. The e-invoicing software convert invoices from many formats to the standard form and it can be easily and fastly imported into payable applications. Our system validate the submitted applications and check them against the purchase order, receipt and shipment. This will increase the matching rates and reduce clearance time.
Why Choose our E-Invoicing?
With our electronic invoicing, there is no need to maintain hardware and software at your place. We provide hosted managed service. Our system manages the entire implementation process, with minimum risk during supplier boarding. E-invoicing solution has a powerful combination of easy to use functions that include invoice validation, and it eliminates another potential burden on accounts payable staff. All this is done by automatically rejecting that invoices that doesn’t meet the requirements. Suppliers also appreciate the early warnings of errors in the invoices that makes them able to correct issues at the spot and avoid delay in payment receiving.

Web-Based EDI

EDI Forms and Transactions in the Cloud
We can help you if you simply need a system to receive and send orders for an integrated EDI system. Our web base EDI solution offers the adaptability that the successful business need to meet the requirements of any of the trading partner. It helps to handle the growing size of EDI transactions.
EDI in the Cloud
Web EDI is inside the cloud so you don’t need to worry about the backup or the installing new software. This helps the enterprise or business to create, receive, turn around and managing the electronic document using a browser. The transactions can be accessed from the any broadband connection enabling you to process orders and invoices from anywhere.
EDI Web Forms
Our EDI translator is powerful enough to meet the requirements of any trading partner with whom you are working today or need to work in the future. Moreover, you are able to access transaction manager from any browser. Web EDI from IT solution can fulfill the needs of complying with your partner requirements. EDI solution can be integrated to your business system or accounting package.

Managed EDI Service

Benefits of a Managed EDI Service Solution
On premise solutions for managing transactions across EDI and order channels are complex, expensive and time consuming. It is expensive to integrate and maintain. Expertise across a wide range of technologies, connectivity protocols and various data formats is essential. A maintenance headaches, changing customers and partner requirements all are done by the managed service solution. IT solution supplies the skills and infrastructure you need, so you can completely focus on your business.

3rd Party Logistics Providers EDI

Third-Party Logistics Providers
Our service provider is adaptable, scalable and easily affordable whether customer has a third party logistics (3PL) business or they have to fulfill their orders. It connects the customer’s 3PL business process with their customers through the range of connection models.
3PL Managed Accounts
To retrieve orders or upload the shipment information, we offer a multi-user option to enable a 3PL business to access its clients. At the very same time, your customers are able to automatically import orders into their accounting without retyping. When orders are shipped, you can import invoice from your ERP and send it directly to trading partner. If your EDI and ERP are not integrated, you can easily turn around the purchase order, create the invoice and send it easily to your trading partner.
Carbon Copy Transmission
Our EDI service is also able to supports the carbon copy transmission, and it automates the delivery of electronic copy of EDI document to one or many recipients. A copy of any transaction sent through to our network will be emailed in the PDF form to any person you designate without them. This feature enable supplier to automatically generate copies of messages sent and received with 3PL. These copies would be automatically sent to your trading partner who is receiving items.