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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is Smarter by the Day
Almost 79% of companies we surveyed are using AI to elevate performance, many in business functions beyond IT. And 85% of them are sure that AI ha helped them elevate their business.
Artificial Intelligence just as name suggests is ability for any machine to have and ability of making decision that makes some kind of impact. The term is used to describe characteristic of humans in machine, like ability to reason, discover meaning, or learn from past experience. Artificial Intelligence is Smarter by the Day. Almost 79% of companies we surveyed are using AI to elevate performance, many in business functions beyond IT. And 85% of them are sure that AI has helped them elevate their business. Artificial intelligence is forcing its way into everything. It revolutionizes this world by changing unstructured data (data which makes no sense) into data which can be extremely valuable to us. With a need to survive in today’s competitive world, different aspects of life whether they are businesses, hospitals or even governments are exploring the ways to transform themselves by automating everything.


We at IT Solution consider's Blockchain as future of securing essential records as it has following benefits:
1: The Blockchain technology can be used in securing medical history of a patient in such a way that all of their personal information will be secured so that no person other than authenticated/authorized medical staff would be able to access that information. This will be big step in both privacy and health of general public.
2: Supply chain management. The blockchain technology offers the benefits of traceability and cost-effectiveness.
3: Stock Exchange. The notion of using Blockchain technology for securities and commodities trading has been around for a while. Given the open-yet-reliable nature of blockchain systems, it isn’t surprising to hear that stock exchanges now consider it as the next big leap forward.

System Integration

Drive Cost Efficiencies with Technology
Optimize costs with RPA, AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing
Use technologically enabled solutions to redefine the way you think
To take advantage of cognitive computing and advances in process automation, companies must:
1: Combine digital tools to rationalize and simplify
2: Deploy RPA, machine learning, and cognitive solutions for optimization
3: Use cloud and external data for productivity and customer satisfaction


The Proliferation of Cloud Services
Forrester Study: A Global Look at the Current Cloud Deployment Trends and Approaches
Digital disruption is impacting businesses in every industry and today’s technology-enabled customers are empowered and highly demanding. To meet the needs of these global digital customers, organizations must transform into digital businesses – they must become increasingly agile, flexible, responsive and efficient. But traditional IT systems too often make digital transformation difficult. CIOs and other senior IT decision makers progressively seek to augment and update traditional IT systems with a range of cloud services, cloud delivery models, and cloud-native technologies. Thus helping businesses to move faster, save time and money, and deliver highly differentiated customer experience (CX) in order to win, serve, and retain their most important customers – and to remain competitive.

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